Project Director

Together with the rest of the HOP team, we hope to bring a memorable, fun-filled journey for YOU to deepen your understanding about healthcare and guide you in your career choices! Look forward to seeing you at our December Camp!


Project Director

Our team hopes to bring you on a meaningful journey through the use of well curated activities and useful talks to help you figure out if healthcare is your cup of tea!

Xin Ying


Along with the HOP team, I’m hoping that the HOP 2022 camp will give participants special memories and an event where they can find their passion for healthcare and pursue careers in the industry.

Song Hen

Events Head

As Events Head, I hope to enable YOU to truly discover healthcare and discover yourselves! Most importantly, also to have tons of fun!

Xin Ning

Events Head

Along with Song Hen, we aim to plan a program that is authentic and truthful to the healthcare field, but we need your help to join us and use all your creative juices, to create a more informative yet fun experience for your future potential juniors 🙂


Manpower-Logistic Head

I hope to ensure HOP runs as smoothly as possible so participants will get the best possible experience with HOP and learn about various healthcare courses.


Manpower-Logistic Head

I hope that hop will be able to provide the students with new insights on what the healthcare industry really is about, and to further facilitate on their decision making for their future!

Wei Li

Outreach Head

I hope that HOP provides participants with a better understanding of the different healthcare courses and help them realize their passion!


Outreach Head

I hope to provide our participants more insights into the different healthcare courses so that they can find where their passion lies.


Publicity Head

With the help of design, I would like to reach out to potential healthcare students and help broaden their understanding on the various healthcare courses available in the industry !

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