About Us

It all started back in 2014 by a few passionate healthcare students.

The Healthcare Outreach Project began as a collaboration between students from the Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy faculties in the National University of Singapore. It began as a small project, with less than 60 participants in its first iteration.

Eventually, HOP expanded to include Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy students as part of our team. Today, we are a proudly inter-professional team, which hopes to shed light on the importance of inter-healthcare cooperation and collaboration.

Over time, the reach of our project also grew. In 2020, our event drew more than 400 students from tertiary institutions all across Singapore, where they participated in our first ever online camp.

We aspire to further broaden our reach to allow pre-university students to journey with us and find out more about the healthcare scene and what each role entails!

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