Faculties Involved


The Medicine curriculum is focused on preparing doctors capable of adapting to the medical challenges of the future. In Phases I and II (Years 1 and 2), students learn about the anatomy and physiology of the body in school. In Phases III, IV and V, students will transition to learning in the hospitals alongside practicing doctors.


Nursing is a healthcare profession that aims to provide care which meets the physical, psychological and sociological needs of patients. The course enables students to develop clinical skills and professional competency through a structured programme that includes on-campus clinical laboratory learning, simulation experiences and clinical attachments in various healthcare institutes. The modules are planned so that students build a foundation in the earlier years, before moving on to consolidate theory and practice in and the preparation for transition to practice as a novice registered nurse in later years.


This course equips students with knowledge in a wide range of subjects, including human pathophysiology, pharmaceutical microbiology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, pharmacotherapy, medicinal natural products, compounding of medicines and laws related to medicines and their use. Advancements achieved in Pharmaceutical Science will impact drug discovery, drug formulation as well as the regulation and practice of Pharmacy.


Physiotherapy involves the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of pain, injury, or any other physical dysfunction, through the use of education, exercise, manual therapy, electro-physical agents, technology or any other treatment for those purposes.


Occupational therapy involves assessments and interventions to work or school, self-care, leisure or play, physical environments as well as cognitive, mental and physical components of function to enable individuals affected by physical injury or illness, developmental or learning disabilities, psychosocial dysfunctions or the aging process, to engage in everyday life occupations in order to maximise independent performance of life roles, prevent disability and maintain health.

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