Dylan Chang

Project Director

A career in healthcare can be much more expansive & exciting than what it first seems, we hope you can join us on our HOP journey to explore your passion for helping others!

Emily Wong


Hello! I hope that HOP can shine more light on the different careers in the healthcare industry and help you discover the one that best suits you😁

Cherilynn Yeo

Events Head

I hope that HOP can be a conduit through which prospective students are able to delve deeper into the various healthcare courses and explore as much as they can 😊 We aim for it to be full of learning, discovery and fun as students become inspired by the different professions ✨️✨️

Ang Yu Xuan

Events Head

Hello! For students interested in healthcare, I look forward to seeing you around in HOP as we bring you a glimpse of what healthcare looks like ^^ Do bring along your curiosity and an open mind!

Megan Khoo

Events Head

We hope that through participating in HOP students can have a deeper understanding of the various healthcare courses available. We aim for the participants to experience enlightenment and excitement whilst learning more about the different professions. We can’t wait to see you guys this year!

Xie JingHan

Manpower Head

I hope that HOP can provide a platform for participants to discover or affirm their interests in healthcare!

Tan Jing Xuan

Logistic Head

I hope that hop will be able to provide the Our HOP team hopes to bring a memorable and enriching camp for you! Do join us to learn more about the various healthcare faculties and discover more about where your passions lie! 🤩

Nur Amelina

Outreach Head

Hi! I hope that through HOP, you’ll be able to learn more about the various healthcare courses offered and make new friends!

Kylie Heng

Outreach Head

I hope that students are able to broaden and deepen their understanding of the healthcare landscape through HOP, and discover the vocation that best suits them! ❤️ As the outreach committee, we hope to inspire as many future healthcare professionals as possible and give them the opportunity to discover their passion. 🫡💥🚨

Ashlyn Lim

Publicity Head

May the power of publishing serve as a means to connect with prospective healthcare students, fostering a heightened enthusiasm and curiosity towards their chosen healthcare courses!!

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